Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Thinking Inside the Box

While designing our booth for the 2013 Escanaba Home and Garden Show (stay posted for more info!), Michael decided he wanted to create a few custom planters made from steel.  After throwing around a few ideas and sketches we put the project aside for when we had more time.  I was delighted when I pulled into the garage this evening after school to find this first planter, a smaller version of the ones for the show, finished.  I was a little disappointed I missed the process, but coming home to the final product was quite fun! Although some of our original designs had more complexity, I must say I am in love with the streamlined character of this one.  The finished size on this planter is about 10"x10".  

It is simple but bold.  The patina offers such a richness and character.  This container is just begging to be filled to overflowing.  What will fill it?  Only imagination will tell!  

Steel, welding, and little chemistry 

Dried hydrangeas are the only fill I can come up with on this cold and snowy March night, but oh does this help me visualize the potential.  

Spring come soon!  

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